we are here

Our world changed, and yet it didn’t change a lot. 

It shrunk as the walls closed closer around us, only us,  blocking off and out all that wasn’t ours and as we expanded into the spaces created by this new world order, our world grew richer and deeper and tighter. 

While life and death raged outside, life and death whispered more quietly to us within the confines of our life - ‘we are here’ they said, ‘we are here and we aren’t going anywhere.’





 a turbulent stretch of open water caused by a strong current or tide over a submarine ridge, or by a meeting of currents.


Caught between the opposing currents of domesticity and wilderness, our
community finds a hard-won and deeply rewarding balance. Overfall is
a series of works documenting the search for small moments of beauty
in this island’s human and non-human life.

Overfall was a joint exhibition of my photography accompanied by fellow Uist-based artist Maya Reid’s mixed media drawings. It was held at Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Gallery in Lochmaddy, North Uist however due to the untimely arrival of Covid-19  almost nobody saw it and we were unable to take photographs of it in situ before it was taken down! Not the most auspicious start to an exhibiting career, but we will be keeping our fingers crossed for better luck next time. 

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